Manten Van Gils

Manten Van Gils (1980) started playing the trombone at the age of eight; a passion that kept on growing ever since. Got lessons in public music schools of Mechelen, Antwerp and Leuven, in Jazz-Studio Antwerp and at a range of summer schools throughout the years. He was taught by Wim Becu, Ben Haemhouts, Phil Abraham (B), Ilya Reyngoud (NL), Marshall Gilkes, Andy Martin (USA), Avishai Cohen (tpt, USA), Ambrose Akinmusire (USA),...

He is active as a freelancer in a variety of formations, mostly jazz & big band. Please have a look at the projects below. Manten adores the virtuosity of jazz trombone players such as Bill Watrous or Frank Rosolino aside from the very lyrical playing of Bert Joris (tpt) or Phil Abraham.



Jazz Anchor

An intimate though expandable jazz duo

"Jazz Anchor" is a formation with co-founder and guitar player Peter Verbraken. Both Peter and Manten have composed and arranged music to fit in this unusual but very tasteful combination of instruments. Influences of Philip Catherine, Phil Abraham, Chet Baker...

She Touches

No Angry Young Man

A variety of classical instruments combined into brown and jazzy pop

"No Angry Young Man" is a sextet of a unique set of instruments: cello, trombone, piano, synths, double bass, flute, ukulele, guitar, percussion&drums, voice and others. Influences of pop, jazz and rock but always the more black or blue side of it. Songs are written by all six members of the band.

Morning Sun

Quintessence Bigband

A versatile bigband playing the quintessence way

"Quintessence Bigband" is a formation of young though highly trained and skilled jazz musicians playing all kinds of bigband music, going from traditional crooning over Ellington/Basie ending with Maria Schneider, Bob Mintzer etc.... and own compositions. An intruiging 17-piece orchestra, founded by Manten Van Gils together with Marie Schoovaerts and René Stegman.

Audio following soon!


Five different people - five different cities - a unique jazz blend!

Was it the tropical summer of Umbria Jazz melting these people together? Was it the long jams until daylight? The midnight concerts at the pasteria? Who'll say... All we know is that 'Pentatour' came about as the international project of five different astonishing musicians that bring together their musical souls into one band.

Fall in love with the wonderful sound of Manten's trombone, cry as David whispers on his flugel the sensive melody hidden behind the obvious, feel the inner groove of Blake's rock solid bass, let Ciccio amaze you with burning piano solos, all spiced with the very musical dynamics of Youssef's drums.

Hear influences of Debussy, tradional Vienese music, theatre music, ancient Irish folk, movie music and the beer West Coast Big Band music. Grab a bit of Venice, Casablanca, Bologna, Palermo and Brussels together into one jazz blend... because in the end, jazz it will be!


Crown Princess Aminorella celebrates her 18th anniversary and gets from her father-the-king a stylish feast and a horse - Mr. PC. In the search for freedom and happiness she finds true love - a disappointment for the adventurous Mr. PC. But then something terrible happens...

Aminorella is a fairytale for young and old, with beautiful drawings on the white screen, real singers and a full-size big band.



Various samples of Manten playing
Halmark (with BoomBigBand)

Groovin'Hard (with BoomBigBand)

Fiesta Latina (with Sevensoulmotion)